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Savile Row Gin is the first of its kind, a unique blend of 12 botanicals, expertly balanced to create a smooth, refined taste with a distinctive finish. Juniper and citrus notes are imaginatively paired with the freshness of coriander and the interest of pepper. The signature fruit which is at the heart of Savile Row gin is the characteristically bitter-sweet tang of exotic kumquats. The resulting taste is smooth, elegant and in Savile Row style, tailored to perfection, with individual style at its heart – a winning combination of the assuredly classic and the purposefully contemporary.

The Gin

Gin Served With Savile Row style

Savile Row Gin combines the assured classic with the purposefully contemporary. The taste is uniquely smooth, elegant – and tailored to perfection. At the heart of its hallmark is individual style. Crafted, using twelve botanicals, and distilled in beautiful copper pot stills, Savile Row Gin is the quintessence of what it is to be, the splendid best of England.

Taste Profile

A London dry gin, juniper and citrus forward, subtly balanced by spice from coriander and pepper delivering a truly unique and elegant finish.

The Perfect Serve

To fully experience the wonderful elegance of Savile Row Gin we recommend it is served in the following manner: 25ml Savile Row Gin, 150ml Schweppes 1783 crisp tonic water with a slice of pink grapefruit and a mint leaf.


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